Our Initiatives

Supporting the Communities we help build

Caring for our Community

Accorde properties gives back to the Community through a variety of iniatives that better those around us.

Affordable Housing

Making Vancouver more accessible

We are proud to be a part of the initiative to make Vancouver housing more affordable. We work closely with municipalities to see how we can implement affordable housing practices into certain developments.

Squamish Community Foundation

Squamish Community Foundation

Accorde Properties and the Squamish Community Foundation have collaborated to address short term and long term issues regarding community infrastructure to create a better community for everyone.

Squamish Helping Hands

Food & Shelter Program

helping hands

Accorde Properties works closely with the Squamish Helping Hands society, a non-profit charity that provides food and shelter programs within the Sea to Sky Communities.

Squamish Hospital Foundation

Squamish Community Foundation

The Squamish Hospital Foundation and Accorde Properties work together to raise financial resources needed for health care equipment, state of the art technology, capital projects and education for the Squamish Community.