Supporting the communities we help build


Established in 2017, Accorde properties is a dynamic and innovative development team focusing on design and location

With Development holdings development portfolio of approximately 1 billion dollar's worth of real estate throughout the Lower Mainland. The aggregate sell-out value based on today’s market values of the current projects owned by Accorde Properties is in excess of $700,000,000.

50+ years experience

Owned and run by an innovative and driven group of real estate professionals with over 50 years of construction, development and acquisition experience. Throughout their careers they have been responsible for the successful planning, design and delivery of over 1000 condo units, over 600 single family homes and commercial space comprising over 600,000 square feet.

Our Story

President and Founder, Edward Archibald entered the real estate industry through construction where he quickly worked his way into construction management.

He then transitioned into Development Management where he was able to apply his background in construction under two highly renowned companies.

His unique, no-nonsense approach to development management proved to be successful to the point that Edward was looking to undertake projects of his own.